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I am pleased to write a testimonial for Tricia Cohn and Clientele Marketing.  During her 10-year career as a marketing professional, she has established herself as a reliable marketing solution, and is without a doubt the most passionate entrepreneur I have had the pleasure of working with.  She delivers a quality product at a competitive price, and I will continue to utilize her services for future project.

Tricia is an extremely bright individual, and regularly exceeds the demands and expectations of her clients.  Dueling as an Art Director of complex assignments with often vague business briefs, I can recall no occasion when she was unable to grasp even the most subtle of assignments.  Her depth and breadth of brand marketing is as impressive as it is valuable and has helped several brands grow to new heights. Tricia‚Äôs intellectual ability, combined with her competitive spirit, leaves me no doubts concerning her ability to handle the rigors of any client.

Tricia is well liked and respected by her peers and clients.  She rarely loses her enthusiasm, whether for learning or for life, and exhibits the ability to relate well to all she may meet across business trades.  Her dealings with all persons are characterized by graciousness as well as appropriateness.  When time permits, she is always willing and able to assist those non-profit clients who need her help from time to time.

Her integrity inside and outside work is quite evident.  She appears to be of the very best character, and her honesty in all matters is unwavering.   I believe the high standards, professionalism and integrity, which she has evidenced as a business owner, are ingrained personal characteristics that have been honed throughout her professional career.  To my mind, her character is beyond reproach.

As the foregoing suggests, Tricia is a very capable communicator.  Her speaking and presentation skills are befitting a sales person that has poured their heart and soul into their own product (i.e. Beobi). Her business and creative writing is outstanding.  Her technical knowledge is impressive. And her strategic thinking ability sets her apart from her competitors.

Tricia Cohn is a unique woman who has proven herself as an accomplished marketing professional of the finest character.  Her marketing design solutions will add value and equity to any brand she touches. 


Meichele Cary
Marketing & Advertising Executive

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When I need something fast, professional and affordable, Tricia has always come through for me. I have worked with her on and off for over 10 years and there isn't anything I have presented to her that she couldn't make look good.
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Thank you for the focus, input, patience and pro attitude. I can't even begin to personally thank you for getting me through this project. I have had nothing but compliments from everyone that has seen our new marketing brochure.

Garth Maijala, Coordinator of Industrial Hygiene & Online Services
Schools Insurance Program for Employees (SIPE)


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Tricia has completely redesigned our forms, brochures, newsletters and presentation materials. We are proud to hand them out to our new members and our existing members compliment our "new" look continuously. She didn't change our original brand. She updated it and designed our look to where our marketing pieces will be relevant for at least 10-20 more years. She is a pleasure to work with and listens to our ideas, then implements the design elements providing a consistent look for all of our pieces.

She transformed our manual forms to electronic PDF forms which allows us to be more efficient and environmentally friendly due to less paper used. I know when I submit any project to her, I will get back more than I expected.

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Thank you for the redesign of our website. Now our company has a complete look on the road, in the landscapes, and on the internet!
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